We work around the UK photographing the work of architects, engineers,

artisans, craftspeople and designers.

The expertise and ingenuity of this wide range of people is the inspiration

for Lumen Photography.

At Lumen Photography, professionalism, artistry and design form the core

of what we do.

We will manage your project - from design, through process and logistics,

to the finished images for your specific project.

On site or in our studio, we have state of the art equipment and technology

to deliver the best possible results.

A steady hand, a cultured eye and never too far away from a cup of tea.

Your products are the result of the creative process, showing the inspiration and

intention you have dedicated to them.

Our images will display your products- and their creation- in a carefully chosen

setting, whether on location or in our studio

Lumen Photography will create portraits in our studio, on location or within

your working environment.

Besides profile pictures for your business, we can produce images for press

and public relations, social media, personal branding, and corporate identity.


For interior designers, architects and builders, we will ensure the

appropriate use of light and perspective to create accurate [true]

depictions of your work.

We will photograph architectural, engineering, construction, lighting and

restoration projects from the perspective and in the detail that best reveal

their character and form.

Lumen Photography will cover every aspect, from finding the right angle,

to capturing images at the perfect time of day. We will work with you to

show the progress of your project at every crucial stage.

“As soon as I finish my call with Simon, I know the job is done.”

Nick Robinson, Editor.



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The lumen is a unit of measurement for the brightness of light.